Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has, since their inception, a proven track record of providing well-specced gadgets at very competitive prices. Though their earphone lineup is easily outclassed by many other brands both within and outside China, they still have a sizeable following, and I am one of those followers. In fact, their second-generation Piston earphones were one of the first earphones I reviewed over the course of this so far four-year journey. Hence why we will be looking at one of their latest offerings, the Xiaomi Piston Air. Designed not as a successor to the main Piston earphone lineup (we have the Hybrid and Hybrid Pro for that), the Piston Air — also known as the Piston Capsule — is a non-isolating earphone marketed as being free and lightweight, focused on relaxing, all-day comfort. It is an interesting concept, no doubt, but how well has it been executed? Find out after the jump.

TL;DR: An otherwise decent performer at under $15, its overall design limits its usability to one of those earphones you can only use at home – and it’s not really that good there, either.