Brainwavz has been hard at work over the past year, having released the HM100 headphones, the BLU-300 Bluetooth earphones, and the Zeta budget earphones over the past 12 months. But we are reviewing none of those today – instead, we'll be taking a look at their latest release, the Koel. Priced at 60 dollars, these earphones are meant to be an entry point into Brainwavz' acclaimed balanced armature line. Given their reasonable price point, will they be a solid gift to give this holiday season? Let's find out.

TL;DR: If you take the time to look past its shortcomings, the Brainwavz Koel with its durable build and balanced, versatile sound, will serve to be a reliable friend for any budding audiophile.

(Full disclosureBrainwavz sent me a unit of the Koel free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion on this review, with no obligation to explicitly promote their website or their products. The earphones were tested for about two weeks before the publish date of this review. Although I will try to describe the Koel in a way that can apply to you, this review is still based on my own personal experience and will not be exactly the same as yours.)