The Team

Ralph Trayfalgar (thatBeatsguy)

Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder

Co-founder and lead reviewer of DB Headphones, Ralph handles most of the blog's operations, from editing reviews to the site's design and managing our social media presence. When he's not doing any of that he's either listening away on his barebones rigs or writing his next review.

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Blake Larson (DisCHORDDubstep)

Co-Founder, Reviewer

One of the founding members of DB Headphones, Blake furthered the idea of setting up a review team that eventually came to be DB Headphones.

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Kilspeed111 has been with DB Headphones since the very beginning, providing backend support for the blog and banter for the team itself. He has recently come out to review his broad selection of headphones, ranging from the low-budget to the top-of-the-line.

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Walter Tso (BucketinaBucket)

Lead Editor

One of our newer members of the team, Walter is our lead editor, making changes and refining each of our articles before passing it onto final approval.

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We at DB Headphones are a group of audiophiles and music lovers from all walks of life, brought together by a common passion for audio, dedicated to bringing you honest reviews from regular people with regular wallets. We write reviews to help you, our readers, make more informed decisions when you're in the market for audio gear. We at DB Headphones are neither professionals, nor do we have encyclopedic knowledge about personal audio. We're no InnerFidelity, Headfonia, or TheHeadphoneList. We just write reviews because we love doing so.

All of our opinions written here are our honest opinions – hence all of our reviews are subjective by nature. As such, we recommend doing as much research as possible (on forums and other review publications) before making any big purchase.

DB Headphones is run solely from Google's Blogspot platform, and as such carries no costs to keep it running. In turn, we pledge to have absolutely no ads on the site, which means we get absolutely nothing from your viewership (other than you reading our articles, which is support enough). DB Headphones also utilizes Google Analytics, which tracks and collects information such as your country, operating system, and browser information stored through cookies.


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