Friday, November 28, 2014

Rock-It Sounds R-30: All About that Bass?

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TL;DR: No treble.

First of all, I would like to thank Rocky at Rock-It Sounds for providing me with a review sample of the R-30. I would also like to apologize if this review took a while to get started because of logistics issues. I would like to stress that I am neither an affiliate of Rock-It Sounds or any of its employees, nor am I being compensated in any form to write this review (aside from the provided review sample, of course). All opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own unless otherwise stated, and that they should be taken with a grain of salt.

Well, it looks like I’m back again with another review, and this time this is from a totally different company – Rock-It Sounds, as stated in the title. These guys are mostly known on Head-Fi for their renowned R-50 dual BA (Balanced Armature) IEMs. I have yet to hear those for myself (and I will probably will soon), but in the meantime Rocky was kind enough to let me have a go at their lower-end model while the R-50 was undergoing an update. At $70, the single BA R-30 looks pretty promising, and I’m pretty eager to find out if it is. You ready? Let’s begin.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Brainwavz S0: Smooth 0perator

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TL;DR: The Brainwavz S0 offers a smooth, versatile package that just about anyone can enjoy.

First of all, I would like to thank Audrey (@Salsera) and the Brainwavz team for giving me the opportunity to write this review for their latest IEMs (which, naturally, is the Brainwavz S0). Second, I would like to clarify that I was neither paid to write this review (except for me being given this review sample), nor am I an affiliate of Brainwavz or any of its staff. All opinions expressed in the following review are my own unless otherwise specified, and as it is an opinion, please take it with a grain of salt.Also, the unit I have received for review is the final production version, complete and in its retail packaging. So basically, what you see (in this review, anyway) is what you get.

Over the past two months, my ears have been blessed with Brainwavz, Brainwavz, and only Brainwavz. Why? Because over my past two years in this audiophile journey, my ears have never been more satisfied than with their IEMs. From the bass-heavyS5, to the smooth and sweetR3, I’ve been given a taste of the very best of Brainwavz’ creations. And now, Audrey has given me the chance to sample their newest release has them taking a step back in price with the youngest brother of the single dynamic S-series, the S0 (ZERO).

Now, let’s see if the new kid in town has what it takes to step up to its big brothers – and maybe even the huge battlefield of IEMs its price. Interested? Let’s move on.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Brainwavz Delta: Ramen Noodles, or Brainwavz?

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Clear Instruments & Vocals
Balanced Bass & All-Metal Housing
Disclaimer: I was given the Brainwavz Delta by Brainwavz in return for a review. The opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own, and were not influenced by Brainwavz in any way.

     Ah budget IEM's... They may not be the most glorious of audio products, but we occasionally find those that are a cut above the rest and become legends, so we keep searching through the massive influx of new IEM's to reveal these gems. That search continues with the Brainwavz Delta, sent to me courtesy of Brainwavz.


     When I received the IEM's, I stopped to admire the packaging. It is composed of glossy black, white, and red plastic with a clear window displaying the IEM's. On the back, a shiny logo, and a quick description of them in two lines (note caption on the right).

     Inside the box, we have a pair of Comply S-400 foam tips, three silicone tips (small, medium, and large) and the IEM's.