TL;DR: The Macaw T60 is not a particularly amazing IEM. That is, until you factor in the low, low price of $20, at which point it becomes one of the best bargain Bluetooth IEMs on the market.

In many markets, there is no denying the significant presence of Chinese brands that compose the bulk of its products – and the audio industry is no exception. However, what I feel is unique about the audio industry is the rather broad acceptance of these brands in consumer and critic circles. Brands like HiFiMAN and FiiO have maintained a solid following as full-blown manufacturers, while sellers such as Penon Audio and Gearbest built the bridges between the small-time Chinese manufacturers and the rest of the world.

That's why over the next month and a half, I will be releasing four back-to-back reviews of Chinese-brand IEMs, starting with the Macaw T60, a Bluetooth IEM. As far as I can tell, Macaw has a decently-sized product line being sold by various online sellers, and a particular earphone, the GT100s, has had a decent reception on the forums. Now, with that impression aside, I guess we can say the T60 will be pretty good, right? Let's get to it.

(Disclaimer: the product in review was received free of charge from George at (whom I would also like to thank) in exchange for my honest opinion. Please take the following with a grain of salt and always try before you buy.)