I would like to thank Flare Audio for providing the Flare Audio R2Pro at such a reduced price and a seller on Head-Fi for providing the Final Audio Design Heaven VI that will be pitted against the R2Pro in this review.

This review should of course be taken as a grain of salt as it is my opinion and only my opinion. I have past experience with quite a few cans and IEMs before. I personally own or have owned these cans and IEMs (to the best of my knowledge):

Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th Anniversary Limited Edition
Sennheiser HD424
M-Audio Q40
Denon AH-D2000
Aedle VK-1
Beyerdynamic DTX-101iE
Monster Turbine Pro Gold
ADL EH-008
Koss Sportapro
AKG K7xx
Other odd vintage cans

I wanted to try how different companies implemented their own unique philosophies behind dealing with the pressure caused by a single moving driver in front of and behind it when placed in a confined space like an IEM enclosure. Flare Audio's implementation uses a dynamic 5mm driver with their own pressure-balancing system (I think it's called the Dual-Sized Vortex) while Final Audio Design use a balanced armature driver of an unknown sized backed up by their BAM mechanism.

The Flare Audio R2Pro is used with Jaben spinfit tips while the FAD Heaven VI is used with stock medium soft tips. I will also sell the IEM that I don't like as much so this makes it a deathmatch of sorts, if death means having to leave me forever. Now, lets see how they stack up against each other!